Lots of persons use bronze powder to make themselves look prettier. This powder adds a special shine to your appearance that the other powders are not able to achieve. This type of powder makes your skin shade a little darker, thus making you to have a more natural look.

You would get more of a sun-tan look in your face; even though you may not be able to get in the sun for that look. Bronzing powder, also referred to as bronzer powder, is not only known for giving your facade a tanner look.

Certain types of bronzer powder products will actually be able to help your skin stay healthy. As with any type of skin-related products, there will be good bronzing powders and there will be less favorable ones. The less favorable bronzer powders will usually cause you to breakout in acne and develop really oily skin.

Most of the natural, good bronzer powders will be able to help prevent your skin from producing an extra oily-layer. If you have ever used bronzer powder, you know how good it feels on your face. for those of you who have not; it feels like to have applied a tamed layer refreshing skin to your face.

A poor quality or unnatural bronzing powder, you will find that your face might start to itch and then develop a rash. Wearing the same kind of makeup every time you go to a party will not fetch you those admiring second glances!

So, think differently this time and amaze your fellow party-goers with a tanned look. However, you need not necessarily go to a salon or sunbathe to get that perfect tanned look. With bronzers, you can achieve that perfect sun-kissed look in no time; thus avoiding the risk of UV damage.

Face Bronzer- Types:
Bronzers are available in two types – bronzer powders and tanning bronzer lotions. Available in many different shades, bronzer powders simply need to be brushed all over your body and face to get that gorgeous ‘sunless tan.’

However, shimmer bronzing powders can only be used to highlight your cheekbones and eyelids. If you want a more natural tanned look, then liquid bronzers are just the right choice. Bronzers in liquid form stick to your skin better, which means you’ll enjoy a flawless sunless tanned look.

Besides these two variations, you can also find gel bronzers that get absorbed into the skin very quickly. For dry skin, mousse bronzers are a perfect choice. To sum it up, self-tanner powders are just right for oily skin, whereas liquid bronzers are great for dry skin.

Applying Face Bronzers:
Getting that stunning sun-kissed look is just five steps away!

Step 1: When you’re to choose a bronzer shade, always opt for a shade darker than your skin tone. In case, you have chosen to use a bronze powder, then don’t forget to get a round-shaped brush.

Step 2: Make sure your face is clean. Cleanse your face with a good facial cleanser and use an exfoliator if needed.

Step 3: If you have oily skin, then you might have to use a base powder to prevent the bronzer from smudging.

Step 4: Using the brush, apply the tanner evenly all over your body. You don’t have to use a brush if you’re using a tanning bronzer lotion. Just use your fingers to apply self-tanner creams on your body.

Step 5: In case, you had applied bronzer powder than required, then use cotton pads to remove the excess powder completely.

Why Go for Self-Tanners?
Why should anyone opt for self-tanners when you can naturally get a tanned look when you take sun-bath at the beach? Face bronzers will protect your skin from harmful UV rays and thereby keep the chances of developing skin cancer to a minimum.