face brush set

We all know that applying makeup is not as easy as some people may think. There are so many things that can go wrong with the application such as smudges, unevenness, creasing, and the list goes on and on. With the use of the correct makeup brushes; these can be easily prevented.

face brush set

Theses brushes are considered to be the “magic wand” of the makeup world because they create looks that are flawless and enchanting. So whether you want to have the total glam with plenty of smoky eye shadow and liquid eyeliner, or you want to achieve that more natural look; good quality makeup brushes helps you to create and obtain your goals.

Getting the correct color for your face makeup is important. You don’t want to have your face looking too dark or too bright, so the best way to get that perfect look is by applying liquid or mineral foundation using a foundation brush. In this way, you can add balance to the tones of your neck and face.

These types of brushes have flat long bristles made from natural or synthetic fiber that gives that tapered look at the end.  The concealer brush lives up to its name. This type of brush is used to apply concealer which covers the dark circles under your eyes,blemishes or marks left by pimples.

Another very important face brush is the powder brush. With this brush, you apply loose powder over the concealer and foundation so as to set both elements. This brush can also be used for removing excess makeup, bronzing and blending several areas of the face to get genuine natural looking skin.

But the highly recommended brush is powder brush. Finally the blusher brush. This is used to apply color to your cheeks or contour the face. The brushes are usually big or small fluffy brushes.

Synthetic Hair Vs. Real Hair
As you may already know; real hair brushes are much better all around than any synthetic brush. However, that does not mean that synthetic brushes are not worth while.There are some synthetic brushes that can often mimic the quality of the real hair and works just as good.

The bad side to purchasing fake brushes are that they tend to lose their shape much faster; while making it more stiff and unusable. These faux-brushes are good for liquid and cream makeup, so that can include anything from foundation brushes to lip brushes.

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On the other hand, real hair brushes are made from all kinds of animals such as goat, badger, pony, squirrel; just to mention a few. These types of brushes are better at picking up dry makeup with out any problems and also applying it evenly to your face without any problems.

The skin is less irritated with this brush because it is much softer than the synthetic hair. For persons with allergic reactions, it is recommended that you use the synthetic hair brush. Real hair brushes are much more costly than the synthetic hair, but it is a better investment. If cared for properly, then they last for a very long time.

This is a densely packed brush with bristles that are more distinguished from other face brushes. The more dense in the bristle, the less chances of streaking to occur. The hair usually comes from the badger and is you will see from the two toned color. Another brush that person tend to use is the stipple brush or the duo fiber brush. This brush can be used with either wet or dry makeup.

This brush has a similar shape to the foundation brush. Some people call it the “camouflage brush”. The difference between the two brushes is that the concealer brush is smaller and have much softer bristles. This type of brush is used to cover up uneven skin tone, dark circles, blemishes and broken capillaries.

This brush is large and fluffy, making it easy to blend large areas on your face easily and quickly. It can be used to set powder on your face; while allowing your makeup to last longer. There are some brushes that have a very short base making it easy to fit your travel bag.

Flat top buffing brushes are great for blending mineral foundations. Fan brushes, looking nothing like powder brushes whatsoever, are great for applying powder in a thin coverage and sweeping away loose eye shadow.

The angled face brush allows you to sweep color into the hollows of your cheeks, temple and jaw line contouring the face for a slimmer look. It can also double as a blush brush. The blush brush has a similar look to the powder, just a smaller version.

Eye Shadow
The soft dome brush is the perfect tool for blending eye shadows. You can pack color onto the lid with a flat stiff brush and feather out the colors with a stiff dome brush. Pencil brushes can smudge eye shadows or liners for a smoky eye look or can be used to accentuate the crease.

The curve liner brush is just the right brush for applying gel liners. It’s the same thing as a fine point eyeliner brush only the metal tip just before the bristles is bent at an angle making it easier to control. When using a flat eyeliner brush, you can wedge color into you lash line and is good for coloring your eyebrows.