The use of gel polish on the nail is not a recent phenomenon. The stylish women have been applying the polish for the last two or three decades. The advancement of science and technology has increased the popularity of this type of product in the recent times. Here are a few advantages of using the stunning polish for decoration of nails.

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Gel nail polish is much more sturdy than the regular polishes.They provide protection to your nails and they hardly ever chip. These new gel polishes are not exactly UV gel nails and not exactly nail polish, they are kind of a hybrid between the two.

Shellac is one brand name and Geleration is another. Gel polish application requires an ultraviolet or UV light so as to cure each layer of polish applied. These types of polishes are very good so as to ease your clients into the idea of UV gel and the benefits provided.

If one wants to remove the polish, a polish remover is needed and one must soak it there for quite a few minutes in order to take it off. I believe this is one of the greatest draw backs of the gel polishes, but the benefits are many.

Even though we may have lots of positive advances, they too have a few disadvantages also. They are more costly than the regular polish because of the cost of the polish and the UV light that is needed. This polish is not as strong and sturdy as a full gel set tip or an acrylic set.

They do however last for 3 to 4 weeks without chipping. Should your client get bored with the same look for whatever reason, they can use regular polish to change the original color. This really helps to offset the cost of the gel polish manicure, because a manicure is not needed as often.

Sometimes, they do fail one’s expectations. This type of polish should be removed by professionals.One can do it on their own but be sure that one is full of the proper knowledge in applying gel polishes. When the nails split or break, they have the tendency to blow apart. Due to this, one cannot fix it alone. One will be forced to go to a salon and have it fixed there or replaced.

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Just like any other artificial nails, most especially the acrylic nails, there is a peril and a chance to develop and catch a fungal infection after and during the application procedures. So, it is important to clean one’s cuticles, and the nail bed. Better to use alcohol or disinfectant before the application of the artificial nails.

Taking care of the nails is a must. So in a few words, taking care of fake nails is very important.Be sure to moisturize the cuticles once in a while and get the nails filed often. Proper maintenance is necessary. When the nails grow in size, then you can see small gaps below.

These gaps indicate the growth of nails. This type of product is a good alternative to fill the gap as well as preserve beauty. You can complete the task quickly. There are also advantages in choosing gel nails from acrylic artificial nails. One of the considerable advantages of having gel nail polish is that they look just like the natural nails.

Those gel nails appear to be thin and with a glossy look. The special glue used to let it stick onto the nails is absolutely odorless that’s why it is safe for everyone. It is a feasible option for working women who cannot devote time to visit the beauty parlor on a daily basis.

This product lasts for three or four months. Long and beautiful nail increase women’s femininity. There are some people who have weak nails while other people do not care about the nails. Gel polish enhances the look of the nail and improves your overall style.

The process of maintaining decorative as well as manicured nails are remarkable. Fake nails do not accomplish wonderful results. It is the main reason behind the immense popularity of the paint. You can easily save your money since you do not have to hire a professional to adorn the nails.