palette brush

When it comes to showing people we have cheekbones, we may need a little help. This sometimes happen if you have bone structure problems or maybe a bit overweight.In cases like this, we need a little blush to highlight our cheeks. Very few women may use blush; but this does amazing things to help with our finished makeup.

palette brush

Blush adds glow and bring our face back to life with a little glow. Even though you may not have the time to have a complete beauty makeover, you should make applying blush one of the important rituals when applying makeup.A blusher is something you apply to you face to give your skin a healthy glow, warmth, highlight and create definition.

Make sure that your application is correct, because you can end up with clown cheeks.I always think it is not really the shade of the blusher that is usually the problem but the application. Do not get me wrong, you still need to find a blush that will compliment your skin as naturally as possible. Applying a cream blush maybe more difficult when compared to powder blush.

When deciding on which set you should purchase, color always play an important role. Some of you may think that this is very easy, but this can be a very difficult choice for persons who do not have an eye for color. Here are two (2) basic methods when choosing or purchasing the correct set.

1. You can visit the beauty store where you will be provided with professional help from the sales person.

2. You can try to figure it out on your own. Have you ever noticed how your cheeks change color when you exercise? (A good jog or brisk walk around the block.) Another method that you can consider using is to give your cheek and very good pinch and see what color it turns to.

The color is obtained from a rush of blood to your cheek. This also gives you a better idea when you are thinking of having that natural look. Pinks and reds are usually very good for winter while peaches, oranges, corals are good for summer. For dark skin tones the colors listed above are to be totally avoided, instead go for the browns and bronzes.

Medium skin: Warm pink and warm earthy reds.

Dark skin: Browns and deep bronze.

Olive skin: Brown shades of red or plum or coral.

Fair skin: Pale pink red or a very light bronze.

Now that you have two ways in which you use to find out your best blush color, we will now look at the best type that is picture perfect for you. As you already know; the makeup industry is very large and has something for each and every one of us.

There is powder, tint, gel and cream blushes on the market. You need to decide which one is best for your skin type and condition. The most common blush of all is “powder”. Majority if not all persons use this type. Do you know your face shape?

Your face shape will determine exactly where you will apply your blush. (Round, heart, oval or square).To apply blush stand in front of a mirror in a well lighted room and make a smiley face or suck in your cheeks (this is after your foundation has been applied of course!).

Use a soft blush brush and start from the ear line stopping at the apple of your cheek. Blend in the blush until it looks very natural. 1-2 strokes with your brush should usually be enough as you do not want to over apply your blush even if it suits your skin tone. Usually the more you apply the brighter it becomes.