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How to Get Started

If you want to become a professional special effects makeup artist, the best place to learn how to do this is from one of the many special effects makeup artist schools across the United States.

makeup artist schools

But, before you begin your education at any of the schools or colleges, you will need to make sure that you meet certain requirements. For example, if you are not a U.S. citizen, you will also need to provide proof of citizenship.

If you plan on applying for jobs that require stage makeup or performing makeup in a clinical setting, then you will also need to complete a formal training program in a related field, such as computer graphics or visual communications. You should also check to see if your chosen college or school is accredited.

If you have an eye for color, props, and movement, your career can be very fulfilling. Most special effects makeup artists start out doing green screen work.

They often help directors with the filming of commercials and music videos, so they get the chance to see what the finished product looks like.

Once you get more experience, the jobs may expand to include stage makeup and prosthetic makeup application. In addition, the use of green screen and smoke machines is also popular during movie production. This means that you could get started working in the theater as an assistant or an in-between job.

When you enroll in a school or college that specializes in this field, you will also gain extensive product knowledge. Most of the makeup artists who work in this field start out learning the basics of cosmetics.

By taking classes that include learning about skin types and bleaching, you can learn the proper application of makeup. It is also helpful to know how makeup colors go together and the scientific principles behind them.

By gaining this type of product knowledge, you can apply makeup so that it looks flawless and natural, even on people who cannot physically do it.

schools for makeup artist

Many makeup artists now specialize in stage makeup. The skills required for stage makeup are very different from traditional makeup because the makeup is applied while the person is speaking on stage.

Applying makeup this way requires precision, so most students need to take classes such as stage make-up classes. Although these makeup classes require years of training and practice, they are extremely popular among cosmetic companies and Broadway producers.

In order to be an effective stage makeup artist, it is important to have excellent color vision. The colors you see in the theater must always be vibrant and be matched to the light source within the room.

Today’s special effects makeup artists are well-trained and knowledgeable about the products that they use on a daily basis. Because stage makeup is applied in front of a camera, makeup artists must be able to identify the best products for their customers’ needs.

While they may not know the answer to every question, they can give advice based on their experience. Most makeup artists attend special events where they can show off their talents to friends and family.

In closing, it can be very helpful if you go to a local department store and get started doing some window shopping. Watch how the employees act around the makeup counter and get a feel for what your average customer expects when they walk in the door.

This will help you decide on the best path for yourself. The next time you head to the mall, remember to stop by the makeup counter and have a look around.