pretty natural makeup looks

Pretty natural makeup looks have taken over the cosmetics industry for good a reason. Many women are simply sick and tired of all the chemical, man-made ingredients that are commonly found in today’s makeup.

natural makeup look


They want a makeup that does its job without using any harmful chemicals, and they want it to look just as good as it feels on their skin. Here is a list of the most popular Pretty Natural makeup looks.

This is the best pretty natural makeup…blend in! This is what it looks like when the eyes are open, but the lips are closed. It is created with HD powder, and the result is blended HD look.

This one gives you a smudge-proof, cat-walk effect that can be worn again without getting streaky or running into other lines.

This is one of the best “cute” Pretty Natural makeup looks, and there are many ways that you can create this look with liquid foundation. First, you mix in a little bit of HD mineral foundation with warm water to make a paste that can be applied with a cotton swab.

Then, take a brush and dip it into the paste, which produces an overall bright effect.

These pretty natural makeup looks are created with HD shimmer mineral powder. For this look, you first mix in shimmer-loaded powder with warm water. Next, brush a bit of this powder onto the eyelid.

Finally, apply it along the top and bottom lids. If you are wearing eyeliner, then you can add a little more blush to the outer corner and the area between your lashes.

Now we are going to take a look at some of the other Pretty Natural makeup looks that include HD eye shadow and blush. For the eyes, you simply apply the blush and powder to the outside corners. If you are wearing eyeliner, then add some more into the crease.


natural makeup looks

And, for the mouth, use some mascara on the upper and lower lashes. (If you don’t want to use any makeup at all, just use a powder eye shadow.)

As for the eye makeup, you will need a palette containing HD eye shadow and a touch of blusher in neutral tones. Also, get some mascara in black or blue to define your eye lashes.

And, for the eyebrows, try an eyebrow pencil with gray or brown eye shadow. Finally, line the bottom of your eyes with a pencil and then add some pretty natural wedding makeup tips to define your jaw line.