are dry lips and digestion problems related

For most people, the word dry lips and digestive problems never go together. They do go together, however, when someone has a severe lip ailment and is trying to eat something with a lot of butter or margarine. The butter and margarine will steam up your mouth and cause your lips to feel raw.

home remedies to soothe dry cracked lips


If you are experiencing dry lips and digestive problems you can ease the pain in these areas with chap stick. Chap stick works by absorbing the moisture from your lips, effectively locking in the lip balm and keeping your lips feeling moisturized and soft. If you want to save your lips, save your lip balm.

It is important to buy lip balm that is meant for the season. Some lip balms are meant for the fall and wintertime. Others are meant for the summertime.

When you are in the wintertime, it is important to have a lip balm that will keep you lips supple and moist so they don’t crack when you are walking outside in the cold. You can even use them in the summertime.

Chapped lips and digestive problems can both have an impact on your appearance. Chapped lips will make you look older and more worn out.

Having chapped lips will also make them sore and red. When you use chap stick it keeps your lips soft and moisturized, therefore helping you avoid the irritation and pain associated with chapped lips and digestive problems.

The last thing a person with digestive problems needs is to feel embarrassed and self-conscious about their dry lips and digestion issues. Nobody should have to deal with dry lips, but there are many people who do.


dry lips and digestive problems

If you are having a hard time eating properly because of your dry lips, you don’t need to hide it by wearing lipstick. You have options, just like those who have digestive problems. Consider using chap stick or lip balm so you won’t have to worry about your appearance.

If you choose to use lip balm when you have dry lips and digestive problems, be sure to go light on the product. Lip balms are great for treating minor dryness on the lips but they should not be used every day.

This way you can avoid the possibility of irritating your lips further. Instead use it two to three times a day as needed. If you use Chap Stick, it will give you the protection you need without over drying the skin or causing discomfort from chapped lips.