Chapped lips are a problem that plagues many women, especially in the wintertime. It is unattractive and very embarrassing, but don’t fret! There are many cheap home remedies to fix this issue.

Your lips are chapped because they are dry. To combat the dryness, it is imperative that you keep them hydrated. A few methods for hydrating your lips are saltwater compresses, applying aloe vera juice, drink more water, get a humidifier for your home, and/or apply a slice of cucumber to your lips.

A common misconception is that licking your lips will relieve them of dryness. This is a horrible habit (you are not LL cool J, mkay). This will not at all relieve you of dry lips and will bring attention to your issue.

The next step after hydrating your lips is protecting and maintaining. Invest in a good lip balm or make you own preferably one that also protects them from the dangers of the sun. Avoid flavored lip balm. They will only encourage you to lick your lips.

Try to target your reasons for licking your lips and work on them. For example, if stress makes you lick your lips, find a way to manage your stress. Try to avoid things like getting toothpaste on the outside of your lips when brushing. Toothpaste is drying and will only irritate the problem. Try baking soda instead.

Once you’ve managed to get and keep your lips moisturized, enjoy them! Being released from the confinements of chapped lips is invigorating. It is a major confidence boost and will surely put a smile on your face without the “ouch.” So pucker up, and live!

How To Achieve Ombre Lips In 5 Easy Steps
Ever since fashion designers,  and former chief designer like John Galliano of Christian Dior, Miuccia Prada of Miu Miu and Prabal Gurung showed ombre lips in their shows, every woman wanted to know how to do it. It has been seen several times in magazine beauty editorials before the show but it seems like the look exploded during the spring fashion shows.

At Prabal Gurung’s show, the ombre effect was an orchid effect, from light (outside of the lip) to dark (inner middle). It was a matte Fuschia fading to purple on the inner lips. It went really well with the collection. For Miu Miu’s Fall 2011 show, it was a matte bloody red fading on to a pinkish shade on the inner lips.

The ombre lips (or two-tone look) works really well because it defines the lips and it makes it look fuller, a little 3D effect and more kissable. A little time and effort are needed to achieve this look because there are a few steps to follow to accomplish this. First, you have to know the right lipstick shades that will go well together.

It is important that you use the two shades of the same color family so it will gradually fade into each other and would create beautiful ombre lips.

Some examples are:
. Red and Pink
. Red and Orange
Burgundy and Red
. Purple and Red
. Purple and Pink
. Wine and Red
. Carnation Pink and Bubblegum Pink
It would be best to use matte lipsticks or lipsticks with just a bit of gloss so it will be easier to blend the two shades.

What you will need:
Two shades of your favorite lipsticks (one darker and one lighter)
Lip gloss (optional, if you want a shiny finish)
Cotton bud / Lip brush (your pinky finger will work too)

1. Make sure your lips are not chapped and are in good condition because it will be hard to pull off this look if your lips are not in good condition. You can do a quick lip scrub the night before (Quick tip: brown sugar mixed with honey and olive oil.

Leave on lips then scrub off with your fingers until dead skin comes off). Remember that this look will look so much better if your lips are healthy.

2. Put on the darker shade of lipstick. It must fill in the entire lip to avoid making it look like a lip liner.

3. Add the lighter shade lipstick right in the middle/inner part of the lip. A lip brush, your finger or a cotton bud may be used to apply the lighter shade.

4. Try to blend both colors to make it look a little natural. A lip brush, a cotton bud, or a finger can also be used when doing this.
5. If you do not want the matte finish, you can put a little lip gloss to make your lips look glossier and make it a bit shimmer.

Remember that this look is already a bold statement so make sure the rest of your make up is very simple and light as to add drama to the lips. It is very achievable, right? These are very easy steps on how to achieve that gorgeous full lips like the models!

Options and Makeup Tips For Long Lasting Lips
One of the biggest concerns most women have has to do with maintaining those beautiful lips once lipstick or lip gloss has been applied. Most of us have very busy schedule, and having to reapply lip color can be a real inconvenience.

The below options and tips can help you maintain those lips with a busy lifestyle, or for special events like a wedding or special date.

1. Lip Stains are available in a variety of colors, although not as common as the everyday lipstick colors. They usually come packaged in a plastic squeezable tube, so it’s easy to control the amount you want to distribute. I recommend applying with a lip brush for more precision.

The purpose of lip stains can be two-fold because they are also widely used as blush colors for the cheeks. If you’re interested in using them as blush colors, just squeeze a small amount onto the back of your hand and apply using a foundation (or a large concealer) brush.

Please note that the product dries quickly, so when you apply the color onto your cheeks blend as soon as possible.

2. Long-wearing lip colors are rising in popularity, so a wider range of colors are becoming available. They provide medium to full coverage, so there’s no need to feel as though you have to reapply to achieve a fresh look. Use a lip brush to apply the color and make sure you distribute evenly.

Allow it to dry by waiting a couple of minutes. Because it tends to be somewhat drying to the lips, most long-wearing lip colors come with lip gloss so you can apply a thin layer after the color has dried completely.

The ones I’ve tried were a complete success, but it’s important to know that the product cannot be easily removed with soap and water. It’s a good idea to have makeup remover on hand when you want to remove it.

3. Matte Lipstick comes in various colors within every cosmetic line. They are available in medium to full coverage as well and contain no luster to the finish. I highly recommend it if you have a busy lifestyle, and don’t want to think about reapplying your lip color throughout the day.

Matte lipsticks are easy to apply and remove, and there’s no need to use a lip brush during the application process, although I am partial to the precise application of lip brushes for ultimate beautiful lips.

Makeup tips for lips:
*Once you have applied your lip liner and lip color, use a wedge sponge to apply sheer powder around the border of the mouth. This “barrier” of sheer powder will prevent your lip color from bleeding during the day.

*A personal favorite of mine is to find a lip liner that is the same color that I want to wear on my lips. I “fill in” my lips with the liner first, and apply a luster lipstick or lip gloss on top for added color or modification. It works like a charm for beautiful lips, and the color lasts all day!

*Apply a thin layer of lipstick, then dust on a very small amount of sheer powder onto the lips. Apply a second coat of lipstick after that for true staying power!